Mrs Joan Blue@ 3:26pm Feb 9th
Maxine Cadzow, a former pupil of Kilgraston School, Bridge of Earn, Perthshire, was the inspiration, some years ago, for the school's Scottish Fiddle Group. I have taken the group ever since and would like to get in touch with Maxine to find out when it began.
Bill Lawrence@ 3:12am Feb 8th
I have a wonderful D.Cadzow photo. On the back is penned, "Clear Water Ranch". It is a lonely log cabin in barren country. The family is dressed in their Sunday best, ,mounted on horseback and wagon, maybe on the way to church. Do any of you descendants know where that may have been taken, or give me a clue to who might help?


Bill Lawrence
russell@ 6:52pm Feb 6th
I'm a cadzow too. Wow there is a lot I'm from fort yukon alaska
Sharon Mauger-cadzow@ 5:30am Jan 9th
My name is Sharon. I was born in South Australia, I have 2 brothers, Dennis and Phillip, I have been searching for my eldest brother Phillip for over 10 years, Due to family interfering we lost contact, I miss my big brother please if you know anything please contact me
John Malcolm Simpson@ 6:11am Jan 5th
Hi my sister just moved to a new address in bo'ness Scotland--Cadzow Crt and I thought the name had disappeared.You learn something every day.Good luck to all you Cadzows from the Frasers.
Thomas I. Hamilton@ 11:08am Dec 28th
I have just received a Hamilton tartan scarf as a xmas present. I have been happy to wear Red- Dress- and Hunting- garments all my life. The makers card indicated that the ancester of the family was Walter Fitz-Gilbert who I believe was a NORMAN. Drat!
Stuart McAllister@ 7:29am Dec 16th
A great site, its years since I have been down to the castle and its only a few miles from really dont appreciate whats on your own doorstep..
Shane Cadzow@ 4:40pm Nov 19th
I am so proud to be part of the Cadzow's in Australia and over the world, Keep up the good work!!!!
ben cadzow@ 7:51am Nov 13th
i am looking out for more cadzow. my grandad originated from scotland biut moved over to englan where i live now
Bernadette@ 8:12am Sep 10th
I only just noticed that a Paul Asbury was searching for James Cadzow back in 2007. Jimmy was my fathers cousin (my father passed away in 1981). I remember visiting Jimmy and his wife (Judy) and family when I was a child. (1960s). They were living in Mount Macedon, Victoria. We lost contact with them years ago.
Renee Cadzow@ 2:25pm Aug 30th
I'm a Cadzow by marriage to Daniel Cadzow, son of John Francis Cadzow, born in the Buffalo, NY area. John F. Cadzow is the brother of James A. Cadzow - shown on your "today" page as professor emeritus of Vanderbilt University. Both Daniel and I are anthropologists - me a physical/medical anthropologist and he an archaeologist. To our knowledge, we are the only Cadzows in the western New York region.
Replied on: 7:47am Aug 31st

Hi Renee... I think we spoke a while back when you were in college in Buffalo? I mentioned to you that my daughter's name is also Renee.

Carol Lance@ 8:58pm Aug 26th
Great website! I am the granddaughter of Margaret May Cadzow (she married Charles E. Stevens). My records indicate she was born in Asheville, NC where her father, John Wallace Cadzow, was a stone mason at the Biltmore Inn.
Mariah Cadzow@ 1:59am Aug 20th
I love this site ive always will be fascinated by our family past. Im the great granddaughter of Donald A. Cadzow 188?-1960. Ive never really known the extent of his work,But i've heard stories from my dad Hugh Cadzow. My parents have never taken me and my sister Devon to scotland , but my older brother Aidan has gone. From pictures though i see its a amazing place.
Thx so much.
Robert E Hill@ 9:59am Jul 20th
Hello from Dallas, TX USA, from Robert E Hill, 16th great grandson of Sir David F. Hamilton, 2nd Laird of Cadzow.
Bill Cadzow@ 4:48pm Jul 14th
For Sandra Brown, guest book, p3.
I really think we are directly related. Get in touch.

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