Mariah Cadzow@ 1:59am Aug 20th
I love this site ive always will be fascinated by our family past. Im the great granddaughter of Donald A. Cadzow 188?-1960. Ive never really known the extent of his work,But i've heard stories from my dad Hugh Cadzow. My parents have never taken me and my sister Devon to scotland , but my older brother Aidan has gone. From pictures though i see its a amazing place.
Thx so much.
Robert E Hill@ 9:59am Jul 20th
Hello from Dallas, TX USA, from Robert E Hill, 16th great grandson of Sir David F. Hamilton, 2nd Laird of Cadzow.
Bill Cadzow@ 4:48pm Jul 14th
For Sandra Brown, guest book, p3.
I really think we are directly related. Get in touch.
Laurel Fisher@ 2:51am Jul 9th
In tracing our Cadzow line in Lanark, I'm searching for the date of birth-baptism and mother's name for James Kaidzeow [Cadzow] abt 1660, son of William Kaidzow [Cadzow]. Does anyone know the name of James' wife, ie the mother of William Kadzew [Cadzow] baptised 28 June 1683 also in Lanark?
with thanks
Craig Fullerton@ 8:52pm Jul 4th
Thanks for the great webpage. I'm in Melbourne, Australia and have Cadzow connections. My GGGG Grandparents were James Cadzow and Elisabeth Cowie. Elisabeth and most of her children emigrated to Australia in the 1850's. James and Elisabeth's children and grandchildren settled in, or ended up settling in Victoria (chasing Gold, one branch around Myrtleford and another around St. Arnaud where Elisabeth died), South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia. If you think you're connected you can look at my webpage and search for names There are about 120 Cadzow (and variants) listed there (only deceased people, I have over 170 Cadzows in my tree altogether). I'd love to hear from anyone who is connected.
Helen Duff (cadzow)@ 9:36am Jun 25th
would like to hear from any cadzow family connections Carluke Lanark area or anywhere else.
Nigel Cadzow@ 12:22pm May 18th
Hello All,
For my sins I am Derek Cadzow's uncle, and I have traced my own family line back to a marriage in 1780 between a Thomas Cadzow and Jean Liddle. Thereafter it comes to a shuddering halt so either the Cadzows had no cash to register their details as quite often happened or perhaps changed religion so that previous records will be in a different place.
I came across one puzzle which has been annoying me for ages, and maybe all the New York Cadzows can help with this.
In 1895 a James Cadzow aged 32, married an Annie Love in Glasgow (Hutshesontown).They had a son George born on 24/08/1902 and on his Birth Certificate it gives the father's domicile as 189 Ward Street, Richmond Hill, Long Island New York. As far as I can find out he never returned to Scotland. Did he die young?, did he commit bigamy? Why was he still in in New York when his son George was born in Girvan, Ayrshire?
There is a record of a James Cadzow age 32 arriving at Ellis Island but the date was in July 1895 and he was married in Glasgow in July 1895 so the dates do not quite tie up.
Any help from Cadzows in the USA would be greatly appreciated.
Edna Martin@ 12:22pm May 12th
My grt granmother Marion Cadzow married John Grant july 4th 1884
John Hamilton@ 12:23am Apr 13th
Hello...I'm John Hamilton. My brother has been doing geneology for a long long time and now and then I look up Hamilton Clan stuff on the 'net which is how I came across this website about your family. I found it very interesting and I enjoyed it very much. Great job, great information! I see the Cadzow name often in my electronic travels, as well as documentation my brother has on our family and this website has greatly explained and broadended my knowledge on who the Cadzow's were/are.

John Hamilton
Misawa Air Base, Japan
ChristineFairweather@ 10:13am Mar 28th
My great great grandfather was Robert Cadzow who was born around Carluke in 1800 and worked as a Mason, he married Helen Burns in 1827 in Stonehouse, Lanark and they had 8 children. Would love to hear from anyone who shares this line and also trying to find out who his parents were.
Paul Pollitt@ 10:02am Mar 2nd
I am delighted to discover my direct ancestor
Elizabeth Cadzow1440 - 1470

I am so pleased to be in a sept of the Hamilton Clan
Laurel Fisher@ 6:04pm Jan 24th
thanks for your interesting www-site. We are from a long line of Cadzow agricultural workers, some of whom emigrated in 1864 under assisted passage to South Australia. My great-grandmother was Helen Cadzow (1852-1906).

We are searching for birth-baptism records for Helen's grandfather.
Michael Cadzow was born in about 1860 near Lanark perhaps. Michael would have married in about 1778 to Anne Crawfurd, daughter of James Crawfurd. Their children were all born at Lanark and include: Michael (b 1779), James (b 1883), William (b 1886) and Jean (b 1888).

Perhaps you could also include on the home page [first page] of the Cadzow site that the name 'Cadzow' was also given to workers on the Cadzow lands.
...I can see that this idea is included on later pages - perhaps repeat it earlier.

It's a bit silly but some descendants may get a false impression. Most of our Cadzow, Cadiou Cadyou Kadzow Kaidzow Kadzew ... families would have been agricultural workers, later miners, traders, artisans, paupers and so on. Clearly, few would be linked to lords & ladies, kings & queens, coats of arms, tartans and so on, and the land would have been transferred on regal, church or political whim of the day.

with thanks for a great site

Bernadette@ 6:31am Jan 8th
My grandmother Mary Cadzow married Michael (Tom) Morris in 1918 in Victoria, Australia. Her brother, my great uncle Richard (Dick) Cadzow is the father of Joan Cadzow (Prima Ballerina). I met Joan only once about 40 years ago.
Robert Cadzow@ 4:26pm Jan 7th
hello another one has emerged from the woodwork
William Robb@ 3:18pm Nov 3rd
I have a pencil drawing entitled "House on the Ramparts" by James Cadzow, dated 1923. James was trained at Edinburgh College of Art and taught for a time at Perth High School.

If anyone would like me to send them an e-mailed copy of the drawing, just let me know. No charge!

I am no relation but just happened to like and buy this drawing almost 20 years ago.

Best wishes
Bill Robb

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