Lorna Shelton@ 3:40pm 18-08-2014
I am related to Mina Cadzow through Ross Hogle.
Barbara HIggins Cowl@ 4:29pm 08-08-2014
I have Family History which I inherited and I believe I a may be e descendent of these Hamiltons.I am missing a few links,however.Very fascinating.Thank you
JoAnn Stevenson@ 12:45am 28-01-2014
I have just started researching my family history, and found that when my great grandmother, and kids immigrated from Tollcross Scotland, they were going to live with her cousin Kate Cadzow, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. By searching sailing records, it looks like she was married to a James and they had about 6 children. I am not sure if you had family members that started in that area, but I am finding, it really is a small world.
Jonathan Candow@ 8:46am 21-01-2014
Hi Everyone,

as you can see my surname is Candow, I have currently found interest in what Scotland clan my ancestors belonged. does anyone have any other info on variations of Cadzow spelling? any info would be great.

I loved the site lots of interetsing information.
Craig Fullerton@ 5:14pm 02-12-2013
Hi I am a descendant of William Cadzow and Euphemia Brown who (with Williams mother Elisabeth and several of his brothers) came to Victoria (one to S.A) during the gold rush years. I have a fair bit of information on the St. Arnaud, Myrtleford/Harrietville and S.A. Cadzows. I've just written a book in which there is a sizeable chapter dealing with their arrival in Australia and what happened to many of them, especially William and Euphemia. Contact me if you'd like to know more..
Vanessa Page@ 5:37am 28-10-2013
Hi, my paternal grandmother was Evelyn May Elizabeth Cadzow, who descends from the Cadzows that came to Victoria, Australia during the time of the Gold Rush. I'd love to make contact with anyone researching my line who has information about the Cadzows of Miles, Mitchell, Roma and Toowoomba in Queensland. Kind regards, Vanessa
Christine Grossart@ 8:30pm 27-08-2013
To NIGEL CADZOW. Sorry for late reply Will check my records for you and get back in contact with you Christine Grossart
Margaret Williamson@ 2:30pm 13-08-2013
Hi, Great site! I've just found out that my great great gran was a Cadzow, on my mother's side. My mother's maiden name was Jean Orr Cameron, my gran's maiden name was Agnes Cadzow McCall, my great gran's maiden name was Orr and then my great great gran was a Cadzow! They were all given their gran's maiden name as a middle surname. So can I lay claim to any castles, pretty please?
Louise Rennie@ 2:32am 27-07-2013
Upon receiving my greatgrandparent's wedding certificate, today, I discovered that my great great grandmother was Elizabeth Cadzow from Glasgow Scotland. She would have been born approx 1833 and married William Johnston in Scotland or immigrated and married him in
New-Zealand. I'd never heard of the surname Cadzow so it's been a speacial surprise to find a connection.
My sister & I were looking at travelling to the UK next year so it will be fantastic to follow up on the family history.
Best regards
Louise Rennie
Nelson New Zealand.
Edana Lord@ 4:36am 12-07-2013
I'm from Dunedin, New Zealand . My grandparents and great grandparents are cadzow farmers. Apparently we're most closely related to the cadzows in Australia. The first cadzows arrived here in the 1860s.
As some one who has had a passion for ballet my whole life I was excited to learn about Joan Cadzow, the prima ballerina. :-)
Nigel Cadzow@ 5:50am 10-07-2013
To Christine Grossart.
I think that we may have near common ancwstry but there is considerable confusion about the dates. Thomas Cadzow is in my family tree and married jean Liddle in 1780. Unfortunately the only Thomas I can find is the son of James Cadzow and Grizel Anderson, born in 1772. I have his birth record. Since the Thomas I am looking for as married in 1780 I guess this is not the correct one. Do you have any records?
Shane Cadzow@ 4:50am 19-04-2013
I am just a Cadzow from Bendigo in Australia but good to see all the info from Scotland and how we have spred around the globe. Keep going Cadzow's
Tony Fitzpatrick@ 12:03pm 30-03-2013
Hi, I am married to a Valerie J Horne (Her Dad added the e on); she is the Great Great Grand daughter of Alexander Horn and Janet Cadzow. Not strictly right as her Great Granddad had no Father recorded on the birth info. Would love to know if Janet Cadzow married anyone else and why she became Janet Reid Stewart Horn on her death info.
Ross Wills@ 9:28pm 10-03-2013
Hi, I was wondering if this site related to a Jack Cadzow who lived in Highcliff Dunedin and was a dairy farmer. I lived in Highcliff Road and helped Jck out regualarly. I have lived in Australia for the laST 30 YEARS.
Christine Grossart@ 5:40pm 08-02-2013
Searching further into family history I have discovered grandfather William Grossart wed christian Cadzow 6-3-1802 in Carluke Lanark christian Cadzow dob 25-11-1769 Lanark Christians parents James cadzow &grizzle Anderson christians brother is named Thomas Cadzow Hope these details are of help please leave message if you think u might be connected

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