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Ross Wills@ 9:28pm 10-03-2013
Hi, I was wondering if this site related to a Jack Cadzow who lived in Highcliff Dunedin and was a dairy farmer. I lived in Highcliff Road and helped Jck out regualarly. I have lived in Australia for the laST 30 YEARS.
Christine Grossart@ 5:40pm 08-02-2013
Searching further into family history I have discovered grandfather William Grossart wed christian Cadzow 6-3-1802 in Carluke Lanark christian Cadzow dob 25-11-1769 Lanark Christians parents James cadzow &grizzle Anderson christians brother is named Thomas Cadzow Hope these details are of help please leave message if you think u might be connected
Sandra Brown @ 9:37am 17-01-2013
For Bill Cadzow, guest book, you left a message for me on 14th July 2010 saying you really think we are related. Sorry I'm a bit late replying, haven't been on the website! Tried emailing you on the email address you left at the time but the email failed. How do you think we are related?
Suzy Huntington@ 1:17am 29-12-2012
I have been searching for an Evelyn Winifred Bingham and have discovered today that her Guardian was named as Doris Elizabeth Twist (nee CADZOW) in East Malvern, Victoria. Doris was married to Stanley Atkinson Twist. Doris was the daughter of William Cadzow and lived in Newport, Malvern East and Highfield Park and died in Glen, Victoria. Any information on how Evelyn Bingham came to be under her guardianship would be appreciated.
Marita Williamson@ 1:34am 24-12-2012

My husband and I are trying to contact family of Walter Cyril Williamson previously of Dunedin. I note from the death notice that Len and Maureen Cadzow were relatives. We would love to hear from any family that can help us find out about Mark's Grandfather. Our e-mail address is

Thank you,
Mark & Marita
Kenneth Craven@ 3:32pm 04-07-2012
My family desends from Lord Gilbert De Hambledon 1252. Here it Texas the name has always been Hamilton so your site has provided some wonderful information. Thank you for all of your work.
Scott davidson@ 4:34am 28-04-2012
Hi there
I wonder if you can help me
I am trying to do research into the history behind the owners of the house I have purchased

The owner was sir Norman cadzow from Bothwell
The former leader of the Scottish conservative & unionist party in the 50s

If you have any details on the family history it would be lovely to understand the connection with Hamilton & Bothwell

Kind regards
Julie Lord@ 4:59am 09-04-2012
My maiden name is Cadzow and I am a fourth generation decendant here in Dunedin, New Zealand. My ancestors Janet & Robert Cadzow came to Dunedin in the 1860's and, eventurally, settled on the Otago Peninsula and began farming. The family have been farming ever since with my youngest brother, Garth, now running the dairy farm.
Elizabeth Dunlop@ 5:15am 04-04-2012
Hi, I've just found your site and find it fascinating. My mother in law was Helen Valance Cadzow, (1902-1980) the daughter of Robert Cadzow (1858-1919) and Christina Fleming (1864-1953)who farmed at Weston, Dunsyre, Lanarkshire. He was the son of Robert Muir Cadzow (1826-1883) and Janet Prentice (1828-1906). Robert Muir was the son of William Kadzow (1786-1858) and Margaret Muir (1795-1857) and William was the son of William Cagow (1760-1858) and Jean Manwel. That William was the son of William Caigow and Janet Wilson. The change of spellings reflect the printed records. This is as far back as I can go.
Christine grossart@ 5:17am 18-02-2012
My connection with Cadzow family is through my great grandfather William gross art who married Christian Cadzow in 1802 two sons Archibald born 1820 & William 1811
Nikki Couch@ 4:40pm 06-02-2012
My Grandpa was Donald Valentine Cadzow He was born in River Rouge MI on Feb. 14 1924. His brother was James Cadzow and His sister is Isabell Cadzow Cameron. My Grandpa had 5 kids. Ruth Ann Cadzow-May,Denise Cadzow-Kemper,Mary Cadzow-Smith,Donald Cadzow, and William Cadzow which is My Father.
Karen Anderson@ 5:14pm 30-12-2011
Desperately seeking Mina!
I am a descendent of Mina C. Cadzow b. April 10,1858. Her father's name was William. She married Harvey Hogle about 1887 and lived in Ticonderoga, NY until her death after childbirth Aug 10, 1898. Mina's brother John of Auburn, NY attended her funeral. Another brother, Dan went to Alaska. I have a photo of a painting
done when she was in her 30's. I would love to know more of her history.
Russell @ 7:02pm 30-11-2011
I'm a cadzow from fort yukon alaska my grandparents were cadzows. I'm glad to be one
Wolfgang Enck. @ 8:30am 13-11-2011
This is for Kathleen Mary Burke. Ifound your request of Ballerina Joan Cadzow today, Nov.2011. I was good friend and colleague of Joan during her 26 years in Düsseldorf. So please contact me, if you have questions. Wolfgang enck
Cheryl Cadzow@ 4:57am 18-06-2011
Hi Cadzows I have been a Cadzow for 25 years now, marrying into a farming family from Victoria, Australia.

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