Margaret Joan Jones@ 3:48am Jun 18th
Hi I live in Western Australia. I am a descendant of Michael Cadzow b 1818? Hamilton, Lanark and Helen Meek born 1815 Whitburn Linlithgow. I have enjoyed reading a book on the descendants of Cadzow written by NI Smart. I am travelling to Scotland in July and really look forward to visiting the area.
Brian Cadzow@ 1:34pm Feb 1st
We live in Ponchatoula LA I would like to know when my grandparents came from, my dad was from Alabama originally there was some Cadzow’s that lived in Alabama
B & M Cadzow and Fam@ 1:01pm May 5th
Looking forward to our visit at the end of the month.
Richard Hamilton@ 12:15am May 1st
What more can I learn about this subject ?
Replied on: 7:58am May 1st

Good question -- I've put every valid piece of historical information I can find into the site already. Do you have suggestions on things you'd like to know?

Robin Jenkins@ 4:34am Mar 24th
Beautiful day in Hamilton so I am off to walk to Cadzow Castle and the wonderful Cadzow Oaks.
EDLIS Café@ 7:29am Mar 10th

...we need to locate someone like a direct relative...

Love Song: Goodbye Sheenyaa

Composed By – Annie Cadzow
Nina(Denise) Cadzow@ 4:31pm Oct 23rd
Hello family! i am billy cadzow"s granddaughter-i think he was from newport in melbourne, australia and was probably born in the 1890's. I know he had a sister called Doris(twist)If anyone has any info on his mother and fathers name and where they came from-would much appreciate as i know nothing about this side of my family even though i have the name!
Aurore Cadiou@ 8:55pm Jul 31st
Hi Cadzows! I'm a Cadiou from Brittany and this site is great. I was wondering if Cadiou's ancestors could be Cadzows of Scotland. I guess they are. I've read that Cadiou means "little but strong fighter" in breton.
Replied on: 9:27pm Jul 31st

It could very well be. At the bottom of the page "1000 years", there's a listing of the alternate spellings of Cadzow that we've found so far. If you find a reference to Cadiou related to Cadzow, let us know and we'll publish it!

Thanks for writing! -- Derek

William Bell Hume Me@ 1:18am Mar 16th
I am a Scot, from Ayrshire..My Gr. Gr. aunt Helen Meek married Michael Cazdow in Faldhouse, Scotland. in 1818. I am 86 years old and live in Ballina. New South Wales Australia.
Iain John Sellar Cad@ 1:37am Mar 12th
I am a Cadzow and live in Bothwell Scotland, i have one sister Norma and one brother Douglas,My Father was William Cadzow who came from a Family of 5,and were brought up in a small village of Glassford just outside Hamilton but they originated from Carluke,which interestingly has a village nearby called Kilcadzow.
my Fathers brother James Cadzow has three children 2 of which are boys David and Alan Cadzow both from the Hamilton area,so the Cadzow lineage is still expanding in the area of its roots.
Lynda@ 1:11am Mar 11th
I'm certain you have heard but I thought I would mention that archaeologists think they have uncovered 2 buildings and artefacts from the ancient village of Cadzow, which was believed to be lost. Congratulations!
Jack Hamilton@ 5:32pm Mar 9th
Interpretation of my DNA results indicate that my ancestors were from Stonehouse/Mylneholme and I find the story intriguing. However, I can only find them living in Cummertree in 1820.
K. Ann Campbell, Esq@ 1:40pm Feb 14th
9th Great-Grandfather David Hamilton is commemorated in Rollinsford, New Hampshire, USA by a small plaque near where his homestead lay, whereby David was brought to the "New World" in shackles & chains, captured as Oliver Cromwell's prisoner during the Battle of Worcester 09SEP1651. David's ancestors were the Cadzows that planted the ancient oaks.
Keith Garza@ 11:55pm Jan 11th
My great, great grandmother was Helen Meek married to Michael Cadzow. My mother Ellen Williams is their great granddaughter. She married my dad, Fred Garza a US Navy man stationed at Fremantle, WA during WWII. After the war she came to the USA as a war bride. I live in Houston,Texas USA.
Bill Meek@ 2:41am Dec 5th
My Great,Great aunt Helen Meek married Michael Cadzow. in Hamilton Scotland.1846. left Scotland with family for Australia. 1864. settled in Norwood.SA I myself live in Baling.NSW I am 84 have been in Australia since 1981. I thought I was the first Meek to arrive here. Strangely enough my aunt also had a brother William Meek who also came here with her family. and I often wonder if there are any more of us here, I would welcome any contacts.

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