Bertha R. Cadzow@ 12:20am 09-06-2022
sharon sefton,, I read your comment on the autograph book daniel is my grandfather i would be interested about that book, good day to you,bertha cadzow
Susan Cadzow@ 4:36am 10-02-2022
We are Australian descendants of William Cadzow (b 1830) and Euphemia.
Their son Thomas (m Nora) was the father of our grandfather William Thomas Cadzow (b 1893) (m Daisy Kelly) lived Thursday Island.
Our father William Hamilton Cadzow (b 1931) (m Diana Horsley) lived Brisbane.
Currently Cadzow family members and children live in Canberra, Brisbane, and Shanghai. I guess we are 5th and 6th generation Scottish Australians!
Replied on: 7:09am 10-02-2022

Welcome to the site Susan and thanks for contributing the info.

Trevin Cadzow@ 6:13pm 17-12-2021
Hello I am a Cadzow from Cape cod. I'm happy to see all the Cadzows on here. My grandfather was Richard Cadzow who passed away in the 50s and my father is Thomas Cadzow. Hope you all have a great holiday
bertha cadzow@ 12:28am 03-11-2021
hi hugh, my grandfather Daniel had a brother named Hugh also,i understand he had four brothers to my knowledge.
my mother Nellie was his only child born rampart canada he married her mum rachel,1922 im looking for a photo of daniel parents,i will write met later
Hugh D Cadzow@ 10:15pm 30-10-2021
Greetings all...Hugh Cadzow from Lancaster PA here. Been awhile since I have been on the site. I saw Alaska post and my grandfather, Donald, stayed with his Uncle Daniel for a few years in the 1910's so the recent post and I have some connection. I know Great Uncle Daniel had adopted indigenous children over the years. I want to get up to Rampart House trading post historical site he operated in Yukon Territory within the next couple years hopefully with some other Cadzows.
Replied on: 9:02am 31-10-2021

That'd be an awesome trip Hugh...

Sharon Sefton@ 8:30am 26-10-2021
Hi there! Found an old autograph book that I believe belonged to your family. There is a beautiful illustration by Daniel Cadzow in it of a nest of birds done in calligraphy. The book is signed by William Sr, Mina, Mary, Belle and Daniel. Can't figure out how to add my own images to this post but would be happy to send it via email if you send me yours and perhaps you can figure out how to post it here . Best regards, Sharon Sefton
Alaska@ 10:52pm 09-07-2021
Very interesting history here. My great-grand father was Daniel Cadzow. Nice to know we have such a large family.
Replied on: 8:52am 10-07-2021

Hello, could you add your name to the comment? We like to know who all our family is.


Emma Cadzow@ 3:53pm 03-02-2021
Hi, I’m based in Edinburgh Scotland. Part of the Cadzow clan involved with farming and Luing Cattle.
Suzanne knight@ 3:13pm 30-12-2020
Good day... I am a silk painting friend of Jackie's. You have a lovely heritage, Derek. Now, go in good health to Nova Scotia and plant some beautiful oaks. Thanks for taking good care of my beautiful friend... Suzanne
James Hamilton@ 2:14am 25-12-2020
Hello! Merry Christmas
Nigel Cadzow@ 6:05am 01-09-2020
I believe we have been in touch before and the Bill you are referring to was my brother. Unfortunately he died in Ottawa in 2013.
Yes we are distantly related through my cousin Ewan who was your father.
Nigel Cadzow@ 11:46am 31-08-2020
Rather late in years I found your item concerning Shristian Cadzow. it is a rather unusual name for a girl, but she is definitely the one I have as daughter of James Cadzow nd Grizel Anderson, born on 25th Nov and christened on 29 Nov. 1769 in Lanark, Scotland. She had another brother, James, christened on 29 March 1468 as well as Thomas. Grizill had about 4 different spellings so no ral difference there.
Keith Garza@ 12:33pm 03-08-2020
Hi I live in Houston, Texas, USA. My great great grandparent were Michael Cadzow b:1818 in Hamilton, Lanark, Scotland and d:1889 in Mannanarie, South Australia and Helen Meek b:1815 in Faldhouse, Wiltburn, Linlithgow, Scotland and d:1906 in Mannanarie, South Australia. My great grandmother was their fourth child Helen Cadzow b:1852 in Croftshead, Whitburn, Linlithgow, Scotland and d:1906 in Kalgoorlie, West Australia.
Rhonda Fleming@ 10:26am 24-11-2019
Sir James Hamilton 6th Baronet, is my 14th great grandfather, and Baron Alexander Burnet 4, was my 12th great grandfather. As an American, we have lost our place in our ancestry, and thanks to Google, and family search sites are finally able to learn who are family were, but the rest is all lost to us. I have many royals in my family, from both sides, and was wondering how, and where can I go to learn more about them?

Thank you!
ROSLYN JEWELL@ 1:51am 26-08-2019
Janet Reid Stewart Cadzow's grandmother was Janet Reid, don't know where the Stewart came from

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