Roger Griffith@ 4:16pm 26-03-2019
You are welcome to use my Cadzow Oaks YouTube video and this may be of some interest -
Replied on: 8:37pm 26-03-2019

Thank you Mr Griffith, most appreciated. Loved your video, by the way. I'll check through the article too!

Cindy Schiesser@ 2:53pm 14-09-2018
Fascinating History! You've done a lot of research. Thankyou for the pictures, and the Utube video of Cadzow is a wonder; it is so beautiful in Scotland. I am from California, USA, so a much more arid climate. I am descended from the Hamiltons; my 18th GGF was Sir Walter fitz Gilbert de Hameldon (Hamilton) the 1st Laird of Cadzow who died abt 1346.
Edward M. Jones@ 12:09pm 28-08-2018
I am writing biographical sketches of early Yukon residents for the Klondike History Library and Yukon Archives. I have only a brief sketch of Daniel Cadzow who operated at trading post at Rampart House in northern Yukon from 1909 until his death in 1929 at a hospital in Dawson City, Yukon. Any information related to Daniel Cadzow would be very much appreciated.
Replied on: 12:44pm 28-08-2018

Hi Edward, sounds like an exciting project. All I have found about Daniel is on this page on the site: There are also descendants of Daniel in Alaska and Pennsylvania that I am aware of.

chuck smith@ 10:42am 21-08-2018
I am part of the Hamilton Family and can trace the family all the way back to Scotland. Is there any pictures of the Hamilton family
Replied on: 12:07pm 21-08-2018

Hi Chuck, thanks for your message!

Obviously, there are many Hamilton families around the world, so I'm assuming you're talking about one of the preeminent families, such as that of the Duke of Hamilton. Google will return you lots of results for Hamilton; to get you started, here's a video and a brief history of Hamilton:

Margaret Joan Jones@ 3:48am 18-06-2018
Hi I live in Western Australia. I am a descendant of Michael Cadzow b 1818? Hamilton, Lanark and Helen Meek born 1815 Whitburn Linlithgow. I have enjoyed reading a book on the descendants of Cadzow written by NI Smart. I am travelling to Scotland in July and really look forward to visiting the area.
Brian Cadzow@ 1:34pm 01-02-2018
We live in Ponchatoula LA I would like to know when my grandparents came from, my dad was from Alabama originally there was some Cadzow’s that lived in Alabama
B & M Cadzow and Fam@ 1:01pm 05-05-2017
Looking forward to our visit at the end of the month.
Richard Hamilton@ 12:15am 01-05-2017
What more can I learn about this subject ?
Replied on: 7:58am 01-05-2017

Good question -- I've put every valid piece of historical information I can find into the site already. Do you have suggestions on things you'd like to know?

Robin Jenkins@ 4:34am 24-03-2017
Beautiful day in Hamilton so I am off to walk to Cadzow Castle and the wonderful Cadzow Oaks.
EDLIS Café@ 7:29am 10-03-2017

...we need to locate someone like a direct relative...

Love Song: Goodbye Sheenyaa

Composed By – Annie Cadzow
Nina(Denise) Cadzow@ 4:31pm 23-10-2016
Hello family! i am billy cadzow"s granddaughter-i think he was from newport in melbourne, australia and was probably born in the 1890's. I know he had a sister called Doris(twist)If anyone has any info on his mother and fathers name and where they came from-would much appreciate as i know nothing about this side of my family even though i have the name!
Aurore Cadiou@ 8:55pm 31-07-2016
Hi Cadzows! I'm a Cadiou from Brittany and this site is great. I was wondering if Cadiou's ancestors could be Cadzows of Scotland. I guess they are. I've read that Cadiou means "little but strong fighter" in breton.
Replied on: 9:27pm 31-07-2016

It could very well be. At the bottom of the page "1000 years", there's a listing of the alternate spellings of Cadzow that we've found so far. If you find a reference to Cadiou related to Cadzow, let us know and we'll publish it!

Thanks for writing! -- Derek

William Bell Hume Me@ 1:18am 16-03-2016
I am a Scot, from Ayrshire..My Gr. Gr. aunt Helen Meek married Michael Cazdow in Faldhouse, Scotland. in 1818. I am 86 years old and live in Ballina. New South Wales Australia.
Iain John Sellar Cad@ 1:37am 12-03-2016
I am a Cadzow and live in Bothwell Scotland, i have one sister Norma and one brother Douglas,My Father was William Cadzow who came from a Family of 5,and were brought up in a small village of Glassford just outside Hamilton but they originated from Carluke,which interestingly has a village nearby called Kilcadzow.
my Fathers brother James Cadzow has three children 2 of which are boys David and Alan Cadzow both from the Hamilton area,so the Cadzow lineage is still expanding in the area of its roots.
Lynda@ 1:11am 11-03-2016
I'm certain you have heard but I thought I would mention that archaeologists think they have uncovered 2 buildings and artefacts from the ancient village of Cadzow, which was believed to be lost. Congratulations!

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