William Robb@ 3:18pm 03-11-2009
I have a pencil drawing entitled "House on the Ramparts" by James Cadzow, dated 1923. James was trained at Edinburgh College of Art and taught for a time at Perth High School.

If anyone would like me to send them an e-mailed copy of the drawing, just let me know. No charge!

I am no relation but just happened to like and buy this drawing almost 20 years ago.

Best wishes
Bill Robb
Sean Cadzow@ 1:00pm 01-10-2009
Hello! I was just letting you know that you have another blood born Cadzow member living in Little Rock, Arkansas - United States. I am 26 years old and have one older brother, James Cadzow and two daughters. That is the extent of our immediate Cadzow born heritage.
Tim Cadzow@ 9:38am 16-09-2009
Assuming that the Cadzow name is older than the Hamiltons, was there are Cadzow tartan or coat of arms ?? Its not quite clear where our actual decendants come into the picture, it seems to start at the Hamiltons, but what was before them and how did our name end up becoming involved in the Hamilton Clan
Replied on: 7:53pm 17-09-2009

I think you have to remember a few things about those times in an attempt to find an answer to this question. First, people did not necessarily take their parents' name prior to ~1700, so a direct lineage is hard to show. Second, the association of a particular tartan to a family or clan, didn't happen till after the Hamiltons had been awarded the barony of Cadzow. So it is unlikely that there was a particular tartan or coat of arms for the Cadzow name (anyone want to design one now?).

With regards to becoming involved in the Hamilton clan, Cadzow is recognized as a "sept" (defined as a division of a family or clan) of the Hamilton clan. I'm not sure how that came about, but it may have been a way to placate the remaining Cadzows when the Hamiltons took ownership of the Barony of Cadzow. Prior to that, there seems to have been a Barony of Cadzow in the Hamilton area, but information is scarce (although the Glasgow coat of arms story seems to indicate a presence back to at least ~500 AD). Given point 1, above, it seems unlikely that it was an individual family or clan, but rather a group of people living under the protection of the Barony.

Susan Karabadjak@ 11:53pm 25-08-2009
I was born on Kilpunt Farm, Broxburn in 1958. My grandfather, Charles Smillie was the shepard. The farmers name was Cadzow
Joan McIntosh@ 11:49am 22-07-2009
My grandmother was Florence Cadzow she married Hubert O'Donohue. They left St Arnaud in 1939 to settle in Boweya . North East Victoria. My great uncle was Richard (Dick ) Cadzow who was the Father of Joan Cadzow who was a Prima Ballerina with the Dusselldorf Opera Ballet in Germany. If Kathleen Mary Bourke would like more info re Joan Cadzow I can help you.
Edna@ 12:32pm 26-06-2009
message for Jill Spice.I also have great great grandparents with the names Alexander Cadzow and Emma Jackson there daughter Marion married John Grant my great grandfather she was 23 when she married in 1884
Richard Goddard@ 7:43am 23-06-2009
Is the author of the Cadzow history, Maxine Cadzow, nee Goddard?
Replied on: 11:15pm 26-06-2009

Hi Richard, do you mean the web page "Cadzow: a short history" on this site? If so, the content of that page was the result of research done by my uncle, Nigel Cadzow -- Derek

Kim Emerson@ 4:01am 16-05-2009
Hello Cadzows, My mother-in law is a Dorothy Cadzow & I am trying to help her find out more about her family. Her Grandfather was James, born Edinburgh 1861 to James, a gamekeeper & Janet (nee Watson or Watkin). James migrated to NZ (when?) and in 1885 married Etty Turnbull in Dunedin. They moved to Melbourne Australia and had many children incluing Dorothy's father Leslie.
Can anyone help me please?
Lynda Carleton@ 1:53pm 06-05-2009
Me, again. Does the "village" or area of Cadzow still exist and if so, is there a cemetary there? I would love to see if any ancestors are buried there.
Lynda Carleton@ 1:50pm 06-05-2009
My grandmother, Margaret Allison was born in Cadzow about 1904. She talked about the old castle, about tinkers who came with old bags of clothes to sell and everyday hard life at that time. Her brothers worked in mines and died young.
Paul G Dexter@ 6:55am 29-04-2009
Grandfather was Leslie John Cadzow-Dexter. Beleive we are related to the Scottish Cadzow's. Has anyone heard of Leslie and know of his genealogy?
Robert Cadzow@ 10:18am 28-04-2009
My name is Robert Cadzow and I just happened to stumble upon this site. It is truly amazing how popular the Cadzow name is. I was born in Australia and still reside here. My father was from St Arnaud in the state of Victoria. Unfortunately this is all very new to me so I dont have much info to pass on. One day I would like to go to Scotland and see where it all began.
Kathleen Mary Burke@ 5:44am 07-04-2009
My name is Kathleen Burke-nee Cadzow. My father was Laurence Cadzow from St Arnaud in Victoria . Australia. I am interested in our cousin Joan Cadzow who was a well known ballet dancer in England and Germany.
Jude Henzler@ 11:44pm 05-12-2008
My name is Jude Henzler. My wife, Grace, is from Fort Yukon, Alaska, and I know some of the Cadzows who live there. I have travelled to Rampart House many times and Old Crow and Johnson Creek Village and Whitestone Village as well. These are villages in Yukon on the Porcupine River system. (Johnson Village and Whitestone Village are abandoned.) I have collected copies of virtually all the books and journals, diaries etc. concerning that area, and I have provided copies of all these to the Old Crow community. Eventually I will also provide copies to the Yukon Archives at Whitehorse, and to the Archives at the Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, Alaska.

Donald A. Cadzow travelled in that region from about 1912 through about 1916. Do you know if he has a journal and/or a diary from that time? If so a copy of it would be an important and remarkable addition to the history of that region.


Jude Henzler
ant@ 3:55pm 29-11-2008
I just happened in on this site as i'm currently researching ROBERT CADZOW of weston, dunsyre, lanarkshire, a royal flying corps officer who was killed in an aeroplane accident at narborough, norfolk during 1918. he was born in 1898, the son of robert & christina (nee fleming), farmers in that area. according to the 1901 census, he had one younger brother, andrew. his father was born in carmichael, HIS father, again robert (wife janet), was born in dalserf and HIS father, william (wife margaret), was born in carnwarth around 1786, all farmers.

are there any relatives on site to this branch of the family please?

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