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Gwenda Dexter@ 5:48am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 1999-11-15 11:40:00
My paternal Great grandmother was a Cadzow. Great site! Thanks
Toni Cadzow Brown@ 2:32pm 11-10-2007
Originally posted on 1999-10-28 12:59:00
Thanks Derek! made interesting reading, I am also an Australian Cadzow and somewhere along the line fit in, the hard part is finding where. Keep up the good work.
Hugh MacLaren@ 2:31pm 11-10-2007
Originally posted on 1999-10-23 16:15:00
Dear Cadzow Clan and friends, my father was born near Hamilton, Alinton, but lived in Hamilton most of his life, and my family do have cousins and friends living in Hamilton.
I have been to Hamilton many times, and have seen
Cadzow Castle, I've ask many times, while at a visit
To this said Castle, 'who's Castle is it'???.
Who does it belong to, etc,???.
Sorry to say, my cousins really did not have any idea??.
And these younger people live in Hamilton, so I could not attain the history about, who, or what Clann, if any lived in this said Cadzow Castle??.
Obviously thier are many people who must know thier History about Hamilton, and the Castle, but sorry to
Say, my Cousinds, were somewhat blank.
May I thank you, and your ancient Clan on the origins, and history of this ancient Castle..
From Hugh MacLaren, of Clann MacLaren..
Steve Bartek@ 2:29pm 11-10-2007
Interesting effort. I am not of any relation, but have friends who are. I'll visit again later,
Fiona Cadzow Stamp@ 2:28pm 11-10-2007
Originally posted on 1999-09-30 00:07:00
Just had a quick read through - it's wonderful. My mother was born in Glasgow, I understand that the name Cadzow goes back through the women. She's Irene Cadzow Taylor, and we have traces of a Great Aunt, Mrs Euphemia CADZOW. Perhaps someone else knows how she fits into the family tree? Although this branch of the family no longer carry the name as a surname, it has been preserved within our names: my daughter is Gemma Cadzow Stamp.
Looking forward to knowing more about us.
Jim Cadzow@ 2:27pm 11-10-2007
Originally posted on 1999-08-11 06:29:00
Your web site has interested me alot. I didn't know alot about my family history, but thanks to your web site I now know where the name came from and much more. I knew my grandfather(James Gibbson Cadzow) and his brother Tom came from Scotland in the late 1800's, leaving behind their parents (Gibbson James Cadzow) and other brothers behind. They both got into the cattle and auto industry in the Edmonton, Alberta area. They never had many chidren, each one child. My father (Dr.Wm.J.Cadzow) had 2 sons and 4 daughter's. My grandfather's brother Tom had only one daughter. My father passed away in Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada, two years ago. The town does bare his name on the hospital which made him very proud. In all of western Canada I only know of my brother and myself who bares the name Cadzow and of course our children. Glad to see that there are alot more Cadzow's out there and the name will never die. So keep up the good work, you made my day. A hello to all my lost cousins out there, :-) to the Cadzow Clam!
James Alan Cadzow
Terri Cadzow@ 2:26pm 11-10-2007
Originally posted on 1999-08-11 00:43:00
Very nice. But there are many Cadzow's living here in Fort Yukon Alaska. You may be interested? I am very interested in learning of this name..Cadzow.
Maxine@ 2:24pm 11-10-2007
Originally posted on 1999-08-08 05:00:00
Doing a tremendous job, Derek. Gets better all the time.
Bill Cadzow@ 2:22pm 11-10-2007
Originally posted on 1999-08-08 01:00:00
Excellent presentation. I hadn't realized that there were so many of us around. There used to be a Sir Nigel Cadzow who owned a coal company and was a member of Glasgow Cathedral - at least I think his name was Nigel - as well as our own. I also noticed in the Scotch Malt Whisky Association Newsletter for Xmas 1998, there was a par in the Society News welcoming their new accountant, Elaine Cadzow.
Jim Morrison@ 2:21pm 11-10-2007
Originally posted on 1999-08-06 01:32:00
I like your web site. It appears you have put a lot of research and thought into the layout and material in the site. Good for you and best of luck,
Jim Morrison
Glenda Cadzow@ 2:18pm 11-10-2007
Originally posted on 1999-07-23 14:14:00
I am only getting started into my family history and this site has been a great help, thanks. My family is in and around central Victoria, Australia. I will visit again.
Rebecca Cadzow@ 2:15pm 11-10-2007
Originally posted on 1999-07-08 09:04:00
I am proud to be apart of the great name. I was born in Queensland in 1983 and I am now 16 years old and I work behind a Bar at a local bowls Club. I hope that the Cadzow name lives on forever.
nick martin@ 2:10pm 11-10-2007
Originally posted on 1999-07-08 09:04:00
I am a descendant of Cadzows who came to Adelaide, South Australia in 1875. As a child I was brought up believing that my branch of the family were broken men of the Clan Donnell of Glen Garry, and in fact that the Hamiltons were our mortal enemies. You can imagine my dismay when I found that according to you the Cadzows are part of Clan Hamilton. I believe that my family's break away after the westland rising in 1672 is a subject of interest and I would appreciate any information that any one might have on the subject.
Wendy@ 2:08pm 11-10-2007
Originally posted on 1999-06-05 08:09:00
Hi there ! I've just stumbled onto your site and wish I'd found it earlier. I've been researching my Hamilton ancestry for ten years now with the help of my cousin John Hamilton in Co.Donegal. Last year a book was published about our Great (x4) Grandfather "John Hamilton of Donegal 1800-1884, A Recklessly Generous Landlord", and tells of his life and noted kindness towards his tenants during the Famine. My Hamilton family were the first Scots Protestants to settle the Sth West of Donegal in the late 16th Century and were a branch of the family of the first Lord Hamilton. The family's estate in Scotland was in Lanarkshire and was named "Broomhill" - my ancestor, James Hamilton, left Broomhill to go to Ireland and named the family seat in Donegal "Brownhall" and it is still in the hands of the Hamilton family today via my cousin John Hamilton, it has passed directly from son to son. The family seat was originally at Murvagh but in 1690 the John Hamilton of the time moved the seat to Ballintra where it stands today. The book explains how our Hamiltons are descended from Walter FitzGilbert of Hameldone and I've been searching for more information on him for the past few months so this website is a great find. I've read alot about the Cadzows but now I can put it all together ! My quest now is to find the link between Walter FitzGilbert and the 1st Lord Hamilton. Best Wishes from Down Under,
anonymous coward@ 2:06pm 11-10-2007
Originally posted on 1999-06-05 08:06:00
Hi - I have a cousin in Canada whose Aunt's married name is Cadzow and her son is Morton Cadzow. He lives in Newmains, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

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