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James Cadzow@ 6:04am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2004-07-09 04:52:15
Really enjoyed the site, thank you.
stuart cadzow@ 6:04am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2004-06-27 20:51:04
stuart from glasgow reading site surprised to see so many cadzow around the world
Maureen Cadzow@ 6:03am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2004-06-21 02:13:43
This web site is great! I'm the mother of Bill Cadzow, the photographer from Florida. Bill is also a firefighter/paramedic with the City of Largo, Florida. His older brother Robert W. Cadzow,Jr lives in Sebring, Florida where he is an owner of the Blue Lagoon Saloon.
Hugh Cadzow@ 6:02am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2004-06-09 03:35:33
It is great to see you back!!! Note that the Cadzow mentioned on the Morissey story is my grandfather, Donald and Rampart House is my great Uncle Daniel. Since I last visited my dad, Donald and mother, Judy passed away.
Robert Dexter@ 6:01am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2004-06-05 02:36:54
Great stuff, Derek!
Jim Morrison@ 6:00am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2004-06-01 19:12:28
Like the site's new look and the links are very interesting. I will spend some time in going through the history sections.
Tim Cadzow@ 5:59am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2004-06-01 03:39:50
very well done, very informative and interesting. Happy to also supply historical info if required. Was very easy to spend 40 minutes updating myself on our history.
Linda Cadzow@ 5:58am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2003-03-01 03:38:21
It's quite odd to see a sight full of a name that is usually the only one in town! Very interesting. I'd be happy to provide any information that I have on family connections if you wished. Take care.
William S Cadzow, Jr@ 5:57am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2001-12-17 17:20:00
Hi Derek - Checking in again to advise of my new e-mail address which is active from Oct thru May while here in sunny, warm area near Clearwater, FL USA. Bill Cadzow, Jr.
Robb Cadzow@ 5:56am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2001-11-10 20:28:53
just checking back in. haven't checked out the site in a couple of years. Hope all is well!
Robin Hedditch@ 5:55am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2000-08-09 09:50:09
Hello! My mother's name was Noreen May Cadzow, and my uncle still carries the Hamilton name (William Hamilton Cadzow). There's seems to be a lot of Cadzows in Australia. This website has taken me by surprize. Cheers
Maurice Hamilton@ 5:54am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2000-04-15 23:42:00
Enjoyed reading your information on the Cadzow-Hamilton relationship. I was especially interested since I maintain a Web site that includes history and links pertaining to Clan Hamilton at
jack cadzow@ 5:53am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2000-03-23 22:13:00
My Auntie Juliet looked stunning; but I think you should get a better picture of my Dad, Shane. But a good site: thank you!
Wm. S. Cadzow, Jr.@ 5:52am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 1999-12-28 00:27:00
Wonderful site and thank you for your your fine work. I will visit again!! Greetings from sunny, warm Clearwater, Florida, USA Bill Cadzow
Robert Dexter@ 5:51am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 1999-12-23 15:15:00
Great site everyone! I see my sister Gwen has visited too!
Our great grandmother Mary Cadzow married Isaac Dexter in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1875, our grandfather Isaac Jnr being their first born in Dunedin 3 June, 1876.Can anyone help with information on Isaac Snr forebears?

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