Wendy Carleton@ 6:34am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2007-03-19 20:23:46
Hi! Was very excited to find your web site. I was born a Cadzow, with two brothers and three sisters. My dad was an only child (Dr. William James Cadzow). His dad came from Scotland and was James William Cadzow (married Effie Mae Davis). He also had a sister named Mary and a brother named Tom. My grandfather raised cattle and race horses in the Vegreville area, AB (1940s)and later moved to Edmonton, AB. We know very little about our history as both of my grandparents are gone as well as my parents so it is difficult to find out much about the family name.The Cadzow name seems to be very rare in Alberta so if anyone out there is related or has more information about our family please feel free to e-mail.
joyce summers@ 6:32am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2007-03-15 13:20:19
The information is excellent but I am trying to find a Jack Cadzow whos worked in Queensland in the mid 1800's. I believe him to be my great grandfather. Can you help.
Sandra Brown@ 6:31am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2007-01-18 00:59:15
Hi, loved the website, I was born a Cadzow as was my sister Judi, our dad was Ewan Cadzow (he married Joan, nee. Beasley). I live with my husband Andrew and daughter Elanor in rural Essex. My paternal grandparents were Tom and Madge Cadzow, who lived in Woodford Green. If anyone thinks they may be closely related, do get in touch!!
Sean Cadzow@ 6:30am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2007-01-17 17:31:04
Hello! Well, I came across this page while looking up Cadzow history. I am a Cadzow by birth and currently live in Greenwood, MS. I was born in Detroit, MI. Currently, the only blood born Cadzow's that I know of include myself, my Brother James Cadzow and my Daughter Kirika Cadzow. My wife, Leslie Cadzow, has married into the name. I am in hotel management and photography.
Donald Cadzow@ 6:29am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2006-11-30 03:57:44
Very cool site, I'm glad your proud of your name and heritage, Holding the state of Michigan for our namesake...
Gregor Cadzow@ 6:28am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2006-10-31 12:46:57
hi i've recently been interested where my name cadzow came from and found this web page and thought i'd leave a note i'm 23 i work on building sites as a concrete finnisher please e-mail me i'd like to know a bit about all of you.
Richard A Hamilton j@ 6:27am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2006-07-31 04:58:01
Your site is excellent. Thank you.
jean@ 6:26am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2006-05-28 03:48:59
Hi, My family lived at Craighead Farm for many years near Kilncadzow. I visited there last year.
Ashley Cadzow@ 6:25am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2006-04-22 09:32:32
Oh my God! I am a Cadzow! My ancestors were scottish
as well ... the cadzow castle belongs to my family Most of them live in New Zealand
Neil Cadzow@ 6:24am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2006-04-14 08:58:31
Enjoyed looking at the site. We live in Queensland Australia and are descendants of James Matthew Cadzow who came to Australia from Scotland.
Sharon Ross Loysen@ 6:23am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2006-04-06 03:52:47
Hi Everyone! This new webpage is wonderful! Everything is so clear! Please tell me: which man in the picture is Dan Cadzow, the one in the suspenders or the one in the suit? Daniel Cadzow was a brother to my greatgrandmother Mary Cadzow. I would love to be in contact with anyone who can fill me in on how Mary and her family came to Auburn NY. Actually I want to know anything and everything else about her! Tried to reach John, an early name in this list, but his address must have changed. Nice to know that our world is well represented by the Cadzow name! Sharon
Willy@ 6:22am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2006-01-28 03:49:16
I am a cadzow in Canada
Samuel Fry@ 6:21am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2005-12-20 02:38:38
I am a retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer with a long time interest in the Arctic. During research on the surveying of the 141st Meridian Boundary between Canada and Alaska, I became very interested in Dan Cadzow and his trading post at New Rampart House on the Porcupine River, Yukon Territory, Canada. I have visited the site, interviewed his surviving daughter (in Ft. Yukon, Alaska), and have completed extensive research on his activities at New Rampart House. I would welcome any information about his life before his 25 years and more in the Yukon. Rochester, New York appears to be a family area for him, and his nephew, also Dan Cadzow, visited him at New Rampart House. There are many Cadzow and family photos in the International Boundary Survey documents as the Survey team stayed with him for two years. He is a fascinating man and his home and store are now a Yukon Territory Heritage Site and are being restored and preserved. Thank you for any information. Samuel Fry, Olympia, Washington, USA.
Jon Owen@ 6:20am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2005-12-10 20:35:56
I am Jonathan Owen, formerly Stephen Cadzow of Motherwell. I was adopted by English parents and am fascinated to read the family history. My deepest thanks for the site it is fascinating and will definately make a visit to the Castle.
Marion Morpeth@ 6:19am 24-10-2007
Originally posted: 2005-10-25 22:12:54
Hello. I am looking for information regarding Agnes Cadzow, who married William Muir about 1770, from my research they had six children, Agnes 1773, Marion 1775, John 1776, William 1780, Janet 1782, and another Marion in 1785. Any information would be most welcome. Many Thanks

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