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Janet Cadzow@ 5:23pm 04-17-2008
Very interesting to come across other Cadzow names.
My grandfather is Daniel Cadzow...Who ventured into the Canadian Territory in the very early 1900's and settled at what is known today as Rampart House on the Canadian/American Border, located on the Porcupine River.
Terri Cadzow@ 5:08pm 04-17-2008
Such a great website! Very interesting!
Thank You-
Susan Cadzow@ 2:07am 04-16-2008
Thanks for putting together such a great website! I'm one of the Australian Cadzows - descended from John Mclean Cadzow who settled in St. Arnaud, Victoria in 1855. You've inspired me to dig out the family Bible that has all the old family tree charts and bits and pieces and newspaper clippings tucked into the front cover and look through it again!!
Jill Spice (Walker)@ 8:07am 04-13-2008
Very informative site. Thankyou. My Great grandmother was Margaret Cadzow (married to Alexander Walker) she was born 1886 her father was Alexander Cadzow born 1834 Glasford (married Emma Jackson) and his father was John Cadzow born 1807 Carstairs (married Marion). This is as far back as I have got. I live in Kent, England.
Lesly Stewart@ 10:59pm 02-29-2008
My Husbands Gt Grandmother was Marion Cadzow. Her Father Robert Cadzow came to NZ 1894 on ship "Mataura" .They lived in the Glasgow area and his wife was Janet Bryson b.1835 Glasgow
Roberts Father was John Cadzow and his wife Malen[? s] Granger
Paul Asbury@ 4:23am 11-18-2007
I am trying to track down a JAMES CADZOW who would have been born in Australia around 1934.

He graduated from the Australian Army Officer Cadet School, Portsea in Dec 1953 and was commissioned as a 2LT in the Royal Australian Signals Corps. Within a few years he seems to have left the Army and has disappeared from view.

His old class mates from Portsea would like to re-establish contact with Jimmy. I am trying to help them do this via the web site
Many thanks,
Paul Asbury
Susan Moskovita@ 8:08pm 10-24-2007
Thank you for doing this site. I remember my grandmother proudly telling me about our family history. I very much want to pass this pride onto my daughter. grandma (Edna May Jones, nee Kilgour) left me some very old photos and an old detailed family tree. I was born in NZ and now reside in Oz. Feel free to contact me.
Mary Cadzow Wilson@ 5:36am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2007-08-01 03:09:54
Have been wanting to know more about my dad's name and this is the first I've been able to find so much. I'm excited. Hope to hear from someone. My dad, Richard, was born in 1900 in Edinburgh. Came to the USA in 1921. Hopefully will have info on his family and add to this. Somewhere out there are relatives!!
Hugh Cadzow@ 5:35am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2007-07-05 02:34:04
Hello has been awhile and I have to report that my dad, Donald Cadzow and mother passed away. My children have gotten bigger since I last wrote (son is now 16 - 6'3 and 300 lbs) and I found out the ship my grandfather, Donald Cadzow, Sr sailed on up to the arctic as an explorer for the Museum of the American Indian in the 20's is still afloat in New Bedford, Mass.

We took our son Aidan to Scotland in 2004 and he met Miranda Brunner (Cadzow) who runs the Tigh-an-Truish Inn at the foot of the "Bridge of the Atlantic" on the Isle of Seil. Also met Juliette Cadzow (Miranda's sister) who is on the BBC kid's show Balomorry....we hope to get back soon!
Wendy Carleton@ 5:34am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2007-03-19 20:23:46
Hi! Was very excited to find your web site. I was born a Cadzow, with two brothers and three sisters. My dad was an only child (Dr. William James Cadzow). His dad came from Scotland and was James William Cadzow (married Effie Mae Davis). He also had a sister named Mary and a brother named Tom. My grandfather raised cattle and race horses in the Vegreville area, AB (1940s)and later moved to Edmonton, AB. We know very little about our history as both of my grandparents are gone as well as my parents so it is difficult to find out much about the family name.The Cadzow name seems to be very rare in Alberta so if anyone out there is related or has more information about our family please feel free to e-mail.
joyce summers@ 5:32am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2007-03-15 13:20:19
The information is excellent but I am trying to find a Jack Cadzow whos worked in Queensland in the mid 1800's. I believe him to be my great grandfather. Can you help.
Sandra Brown@ 5:31am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2007-01-18 00:59:15
Hi, loved the website, I was born a Cadzow as was my sister Judi, our dad was Ewan Cadzow (he married Joan, nee. Beasley). I live with my husband Andrew and daughter Elanor in rural Essex. My paternal grandparents were Tom and Madge Cadzow, who lived in Woodford Green. If anyone thinks they may be closely related, do get in touch!!
Sean Cadzow@ 5:30am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2007-01-17 17:31:04
Hello! Well, I came across this page while looking up Cadzow history. I am a Cadzow by birth and currently live in Greenwood, MS. I was born in Detroit, MI. Currently, the only blood born Cadzow's that I know of include myself, my Brother James Cadzow and my Daughter Kirika Cadzow. My wife, Leslie Cadzow, has married into the name. I am in hotel management and photography.
Donald Cadzow@ 5:29am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2006-11-30 03:57:44
Very cool site, I'm glad your proud of your name and heritage, Holding the state of Michigan for our namesake...
Gregor Cadzow@ 5:28am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2006-10-31 12:46:57
hi i've recently been interested where my name cadzow came from and found this web page and thought i'd leave a note i'm 23 i work on building sites as a concrete finnisher please e-mail me i'd like to know a bit about all of you.

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