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Annabel Cadzow@ 5:12am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2004-10-22 01:52:28
It's great to at last find some information about the Cadzows. Great site keep up the good work. Australia is a long way from Scotland and it's great to see the Cadzow name has traveled so far.
Annette Pateman@ 5:11am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2004-09-21 14:45:45
I am writing a family history about my husband's family who lived in and around Cadzow and Hamilton from the end of the last century until the 1940s. This has helped me give some background information about its history. Thank you very much
James M Hamilton@ 5:10am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2004-09-11 04:36:34
Hope to join you later. Regards Jim
Tom Cadzow@ 5:09am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2004-08-30 05:06:36
Great site..Love the information on my family heritage ......Thanks Much!!
Demetra Isbell@ 5:08am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2004-07-28 21:05:05
Hello all. Our family has a book written by our predecessors to us. Adam Kedzie and Margaret Stewart are our transplanters. If anyone would care to see the book, let me know. We are Kedzie's from Michigan. There are several of us. Myself, I am in New Mexico. My generations transplanter. Thanks for the time you have put into this Derek. It tied up a few strings for me.
Judy Bennett@ 5:07am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2004-07-27 14:16:09
My Mother's maiden name was Kedzie. We have been told by the Scottish Clan Centre that Kedzie is a derivative of Cadzow. I am inclined to believe this as my Kedzie ancestors (recorded back to 1693 in birth/marriage events) lived in the same area as the early and around Hawick. Family tradition (written in the 1800s) links us to Craig Nethan Castle which I visited in 1996. The person there told me Kedzie came from Cadzow and Cadzow's were "here first".
Jennifer Crawford@ 5:05am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2004-07-14 08:55:13
Just curious - I am off to a Cadzow wedding on the 17th here in Adelaide. This is a terrific site. Now, I wonder what the Crawford one is like ...
James Cadzow@ 5:04am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2004-07-09 04:52:15
Really enjoyed the site, thank you.
stuart cadzow@ 5:04am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2004-06-27 20:51:04
stuart from glasgow reading site surprised to see so many cadzow around the world
Maureen Cadzow@ 5:03am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2004-06-21 02:13:43
This web site is great! I'm the mother of Bill Cadzow, the photographer from Florida. Bill is also a firefighter/paramedic with the City of Largo, Florida. His older brother Robert W. Cadzow,Jr lives in Sebring, Florida where he is an owner of the Blue Lagoon Saloon.
Hugh Cadzow@ 5:02am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2004-06-09 03:35:33
It is great to see you back!!! Note that the Cadzow mentioned on the Morissey story is my grandfather, Donald and Rampart House is my great Uncle Daniel. Since I last visited my dad, Donald and mother, Judy passed away.
Robert Dexter@ 5:01am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2004-06-05 02:36:54
Great stuff, Derek!
Jim Morrison@ 5:00am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2004-06-01 19:12:28
Like the site's new look and the links are very interesting. I will spend some time in going through the history sections.
Tim Cadzow@ 4:59am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2004-06-01 03:39:50
very well done, very informative and interesting. Happy to also supply historical info if required. Was very easy to spend 40 minutes updating myself on our history.
Linda Cadzow@ 4:58am 10-24-2007
Originally posted: 2003-03-01 03:38:21
It's quite odd to see a sight full of a name that is usually the only one in town! Very interesting. I'd be happy to provide any information that I have on family connections if you wished. Take care.

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